Knowledge is knowing we cannot knowConfessions of an Ex-  Fundamentalist: A Spiritual  Journey 

tells the true story of Marianne Arini’s  experiences being indoctrinated in  the community’s “church school” from age  twelve to eighteen, the concept of god as invisible friend and confidant, and her eventual decision to leave her fundamentalist community at age twenty-two. She writes about how she found herself cut off from her community and family while suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her road to recovery begins alone in her NYC apartment where she intuitively begins to use journal writing, art therapy, yoga, and later psychotherapy to heal and eventually culminates in her decision to study the phenomenon of Christian fundamentalism for five years as a graduate student during which she made startling discoveries about the dysfunctional and dangerous beliefs behind Christian fundamentalism, the physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse of children, the subjugation and silencing of women, and the roots of the Christian fundamentalist anti-gay agenda. As she commits to a long, hard, yet beautiful journey out of the clutches of these fearful fundamentalists and into the light of Love and Compassion, she finds herself transformed by her attempts to understand the brainwashing she endured, works to reclaim her own spirituality, learns how to forgive, and finds herself amazed by the power of love.


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