Children’s Fiction

Color Your Own Brooklyn is a picture book about five little city children who find a hole in their garage that leads to a magical land. There they meet a wise old woman who gives them each a door to walk through that leads to his/her own special fantasy. As a result of their adventures, each character learns about believing and loving one’s self in his/her own way. Illustrations done by the author.


The Seventh Sorceress is a fantasy book for tweens and teens. Sofia lives life in Potemkin Village as an outcast because of her lame leg and crutches until her thirteenth birthday when she learns the darks secrets of her village and people. She feels compelled to escape—to run far away into the woods into the Vastland, a wooded place where no one has ever been known to return from. On her journey she meets Dr. Aegis Emerson who has a message for her from the People On the Other Side: “You are here to live up to your potential”. She finds herself initiated into the Medieval Mystery School and begins to learn that she has the natural ability for sorcery, a state of awareness that enables a person to perceive what ordinary people cannot. She begin to study old and mysterious texts that transform and ready her to stand up against Dr. Nightshade and the clandestine evil she unearthed in her village that sent her on an unexpected and most fascinating journey.

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