About Dr. Arini’s Teaching and Student Feedback

About Dr. Arini

Dr. Arini has taught Creative Nonfiction, Memoir, Personal Exploratory Writing, Creative Writing, Literature, Composition 1&2, Research Skills, Developmental Writing, and Grammar and Proofreading courses on the college level.  Marianne has been a part-time faculty member at Southern New Hampshire University, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, Arizona State University, Mesa Community College, Coconino Community College, and Glendale Community College.  Dr. Arini has also taught Literature, Creative Writing, English as a Second Language, and Developmental Reading and Writing to gifted and at-risk elementary, middle school, and high school students in both New York City and Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Arini holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Creative Writing and Creative Nonfiction. She also holds a Masters in English with a specialization in American  Literature and a Bachelors degree in English with a minor in Secondary Education.

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Reviews of Dr. Arini’s Work

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Dr. Arini is an amazing teacher, who was there to help when help was needed, she responded quick and followed through with the help. Very satisfied with her as a teacher, one I look up to if I decide to go with my idea of becoming a teacher.

Dr. Arini was and is doing an exceptional job teaching Creative Writing, one of my favorite classes and teachers so far through SNHU. The Class itself was also very nice and structured how I would think it should be to give the student a taste of different aspects of the Creative Writing Genre, as a Creative Writing major this is pleasing to me.

I really enjoyed this course and the Professor helped me to create time in my busy schedule to actually sit down and write. All of the recommended books have been tremendously helpful to me and will be a source of information going forward. The instructor gave me helpful critiques that made my work better and gave me insight into how to improve my work.

I would like to thank you for all your help, This has been an amazing journey.

This course has been an amazing experience. I was really nervous at the beginning, but now I feel more confident about my work. I will continue working on my story, and I will follow up my professor’s advice about taking a screenplay class. I would like to thank my professor, because she gave me hope and encouraged me to keep writing.

Thank you for such a wonderful term and all your great notes, advice, and encouragement. It has truly been a pleasure,

The most helpful advice I got was from Professor Arini as she said, “Picture yourself as the director and you’re filming a scene.” This is making my story take its shape in ways I never thought it could.

Thank you for the wonderful experience this past term.  Your class was truly one of my favorites.  I’m going to miss the interactions on the discussion board, and your feedback most of all.  I feel like I finished the class with a better understanding of my craft, and a stronger resolve to keep pushing until I break through the publishing barriers and accomplish what I want to do. I’m planning to take the intermediate and advance non-fiction writing courses, so if you get a chance to teach them later this year, let me know.  I’d love to work with you again.

Thank you so much for helping to develop my ideas over the last eight weeks. I don’t even have words for how much my writing has changed and taken shape because of this class. Thank you so much for teaching a wonderful class; I really enjoyed it.

I am excited to have a project that I am looking forward to.  This class was exactly what I needed!  And it actually made me realize that my heart lies with language, not math, so I have switched my major to English Language and Literature.  I haven’t felt so at peace with a decision in a long time.  Thanks for all your help and feedback in this class.  I look forward to working with you more in the future!

I actually learned quite a bit more than I thought I knew, LOL. It was reflective and defined me a bit more and my particular writing style. Despite the challenges I loved this class and the challenges that presented themselves. Life is a journey in itself. How we go thru is the real test. Thank you for all of your helpful feedback and responses. I really appreciate all that has been done. Thanks again for everything.

Dr. Arini was hugely supportive and seemed to take personal interest in my progress.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Arini as an instructor. She went above and beyond the requirements for the course, and made it an enjoyable and educational experience.

Dr. Arini is an outstanding instructor. She took the time to give appropriate feedback and truly showed interest in her students’ work.

Dr. Arini was the best. I enjoyed her discussions and announcements, and her feedback on my works was always helpful. I hope to be able to take more classes from Dr. Arini in the future.

Dr. Arini was a pleasure to learn with. The suggestions she gave me demonstrated her experience.

Thank you for all the nice comments and encouragement; you have also been a positive influence and a great teacher.

Thank you Dr. Arini for helping me work towards being a better and improved productive writer.  You certainly have a gift for gently and firmly pushing me and my peers forward in a positive way. Thank you so much for helping to expand my horizons. The best of the best to you always!

This class, and Dr. Arini, have been unbelievable resources for feedback, guidance, and critiques without molly coddling me and I appreciate that so much!

Dr. Arini, thank you for being a genuinely top-notch instructor! Your great ability to teach and refine has been evident and I appreciate all your invaluable instruction. This has been one of the most impactful classes thus far!

Thank you for all of the encouragement you’ve given through this course. I will keep you updated on what I do with the memoir, you have been a great help!  I truly enjoyed your class and am glad I chose to do nonfiction instead of fiction writing.

A special thank you to Dr. Arini, you are by far one of the best, if not the best instructor that I have had here at SNHU, so thank you for your guidance, advice and your motivational prompts as you graded my work over these past several weeks. Without your confidence in me I do not know if I could have finished strong.

I just wanted to give you big thank you!  I really feel as though you taught me a lot and I appreciate it so much!  You are really great at pushing students forward, in a positive way, to help them accomplish their goals.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to take your class.  I will keep working on my story and the details!

Professor, Thank you!  You were a great inspiration!  I appreciate all the feedback I was given and I really enjoyed this class!

I think Dr. Arini really helped me in this workshop more than any of the other workshops I have taken by pointing out to me that I needed to focus more on elements and not just on “content”. It’s been very inspiring to have the honest and positive feedback that was given during this workshop, so thank you for sharing this experience with me!

I am very grateful to my peers and professor Arini for everything. Thank you!

Dr. Arini really helped me in this workshop more than any of the other instructors in workshops I have taken by pointing out to me that I needed to focus more on elements and not just on “content”. It’s been very inspiring to have the honest and positive feedback that was given during this workshop.

As I read my peer’s critiques, their feedbacks, and the feedback from professor Arini, I can now say that I am 100% comfortable critiquing someone else’s writing, I feel more confident and sure. I have learned so much in this writing class, and it has made me into a better and confident nonfiction writer. I am very grateful to my peers and professor Arini for everything. Thank you!

Dr. Arini, Thank you so much for your time, encouragement, and assistance in this course.  I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction and the curriculum.

Dr. Arini is a wonderful professor. She is very dedicated to her students and wants to help them achieve their goals. She is extremely personable, from the very first day she was very welcoming to everyone who was in her class. Her critique of my works was spot on and she was able to express herself in a very positive manner. Writers tend to judge their works too harshly, however, she always gave her honest opinion and constructive methods on how a piece could be improved in a way that allowed the writer to go, “oh, yeah” and then re-write an even better piece.

Dr. Arini was absolutely a fantastic mentor! She made the class fun and vibrant and never once hesitated to offer assistance or advice. I thoroughly enjoyed having her as an instructor!

She did a great job giving useful feedback on my writing. You can tell she really has a passion for the craft and helping students be the best they can be.

Dr. Arini is very thorough and a pleasure to have as an instructor.

Thanks so much for the great feedback, I think it’s the most detailed and useful information I have received since being at SNHU.

I had to think long and hard about an author who has influenced me this term as it pertains to non-fiction writing.  I can’t say that I was positively influenced by any author more than the instructor herself, Dr. Marianne Arini.  I say this because one of my goals has been to write and teach and when I read the instructor profile as well as the personal pages and blog, I was inspired by the depth of her experience.  I saw all the things that I dream of doing and sometimes feel I won’t accomplish but every week that I continue to pursue my goals, I have hope.

Hello Dr. Arini. I would like to say that I really enjoyed your class. I have never had an English teacher that cared so much. I learned a lot as well, I’ve always struggled with grammar and now more than I ever had before, I understand it. You did a very good job and are an exceptional teacher. You chose interesting essays which kept the topics very personal and varied. I really enjoy writing, however I hate the anxiety and stress that comes with school composition. Your class eliminated this entirely. I actually had fun with most of the writings. Good job. You are an amazing human being and have a contagious love for life that is admirable.

I have loved this class!

Throughout this semester my confidence in my own writing has greatly increased. Writing my blog on eating disorders, completing the commercial analysis and finally writing and presenting the ethnography have all taught me valuable lessons and made me more comfortable as a writer. Through this class I was able to reconnect with the child version of myself who loved to write, and even have started writing again in my free time throughout the semester. I really think everything about this class is great, the workshop setting made me feel comfortable asking questions, and the in class writing times helped me manage my time. Teacher feedback was great throughout the semester and made me happy to be part of the class.

I did not expect to have the freedom of creativity that I did in this class. I was thrilled every time we had a prompt but the specific topic was up to us individuals. It had been so long since I was taught any grammar skills that I had completely forgot almost all of them. Having that week or so to review and practice those skills lit a fire back in my mind. Now even when I’m texting I try to be as grammatically correct as I can. I think that was really important to go over and I appreciate you taking the time to do that for us even though it isn’t exactly our curriculum. I thought the blog was a very creative way for us to write an “essay”. Knowing that it was going to be published and anyone could stumble upon it and read it made me want to try harder.

I really liked how you made this class a workshop type setting and me being able to have you look over my writing was really nice and helpful to me. The different assignments that you had us do for the semester helped to build me as a writer when it came to researching for the blog and giving my opinion on the topic to analyzing the commercial analysis.  Thank you for being really helpful and the feedback on the assignments, it definitely helped me be more of a critical thinker in the classroom setting and in life.

Dr. Arini is an exceptional teacher, she truly does care about each and every one of her students. I really enjoyed having her as a professor this semester. Thanks for such a great semester.

This was a great class, and I am grateful for the lessons I received. Thank you so much!

Having the freedom to choose my own topics really motivated me to give100%. I also really enjoyed the types of assignments we had to do because they were both fun and creative. Overall I really enjoyed the class and the style of writing we did. Thanks for the semester!

From the start of the year to now, I feel my writing has evolved in a positive direction. I feel that the catalyst of this was the building block style of our writing workshop. Thank you for a wonderful semester! 🙂

I would like to thank you, Dr. Arini, for the opportunity to be in your class for the fall semester of 2016, and everything you have done for me as a student. Thank you for all of your consideration, kindness, outreach, and knowledge you have shared with me and my peers.

Dr. Arini did an amazing job guiding everyone through writing papers and completing different assignments. I really appreciate how she allows us to choose our own topics. This allows us to write with more of a passion rather than just seeing everything as another assignment. She was always willing to find ways to make me, or other students succeed. I feel like I learned more from this class than my other English classes because it was a workshop based class and not just a lecture class.

I absolutely love your class so much. You are an amazing person and an outstanding teacher. I knew that I was a good writer, although you proved to me that I could be fantastic. I was so nervous to take your class and scared that I wouldn’t be as great as the rest. I thought that I was too young and unexperienced, unlike everybody else. You made me believe in myself and in my writing that I could do this. I’m extremely thankful to have you as an English teacher. Writing is my favorite subject, and no one every taught me how I could improve my writing skills. You pushed me to my limits and made me realize what I was doing and right and what I was doing wrong. I love how you set up the class so much! I loved that we had writing workshops. I also loved how you would talk to us individually about our pieces. I feel like that helped me so much. Writing is my favorite, and I was so excited that it was our main objective. Your class has helped as a writer so much. I instinctively love writing. Since I was in elementary school, I was all about it. When I was in first grade I would make children’s books out of blank pieces of paper and draw scenarios about whatever I wanted and would write about them too. I was pretty dorky, but ever since then I loved writing. This class had helped me improve so much for my own personal writing goals. I don’t recommend any changes to how you run your class. You are an awesome teacher, and I can strongly say you are my favorite professor. You have guided me so much in my writing, and the way you run the class is perfect. It feels like a writing workshop in your class, and I think that is what I love most about it. I appreciated everything you did for me! I felt like you helped me with my writing and grammar so much. I just want to personally thank you so much! Your class was my first class of my day, and my first class as a college student. You helped me with not only confidence in my writing but my confidence as a seventeen-year-old college student. I was really upset that you weren’t doing and English 102 class because I would immediately have signed up!

I want you to know I’ve grown in this class and I plan on continuing to try and improve as a writer. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement this semester!

Your encouragement and great advice this term helped me immensely. As a person who’s used to writing compare-and-contrast papers about literary pieces, this class was a challenge, but a good one, and your teaching skills helped a lot.  Thanks for making this more than just another online class.

I have been fortunate enough to have some wonderful instructors who have mixed the right amount of creative criticism with the right amount of praise. You have been the most encouraging, and you don’t know how much that has meant to me personally. You have given me the confidence in my writing, and a push to find my “voice”. I’ve realized it takes courage to write, and you and this course have definitely given me more of that. Someday I’d like to be able to say I’m a writer. I thank you for bringing me one step closer to that goal.

I believe this course has been more helpful in developing my writing that any other I can remember. I’ve taken fiction writing classes in the past, but the assignments were never as varied as in this class.  The writing assignments were different enough that I felt I was learning a new skill with each one.  I do think this class has succeeded in making me a more well-rounded writer. I can pretty safely say the final project of building a website is some of the most fun I’ve had in a college course.

I have grown tremendously from taking this course. The reason why I say that is because it has challenged me in a creative way. Allowing me to engage and really dig deeper into what I choose to write. What I enjoyed the most about this class was the assignments. They were just really fun to write in general. I thought the class was very enjoyable and creatively replenishing.

I enjoyed EVERYTHING about this class and would highly recommend it with YOU!

I just want to thank you Dr. Arini for the opportunity to take this course. I used to hate writing, but I now actually enjoy it. I no longer dread writing and I have been able to become a better typer/writer in the process. Thank you for your course.

Thank you very much, Dr. Arini, for your valuable advice, encouragement and knowledge!

To Professor Arini, I want to thank you for all of your encouragement and guidance. I will carry it with me as I continue forward within my academic journey.

Participating in this course has been an amazing journey, which has strengthened my skills as a writer and peer reviewer.

Thank you so much for kicking off my SNHU journey so well. I will always remember your class. I have come so far since then – I have learned to write scenes and dialogue, and cannot wait to learn more as I embark on the next path of my educational trek. But without you, I wouldn’t have.

Dr. Arini was very good at giving feedback and suggestions on assignments and helped me to better my writing.

The instructor was very attentive. She responded to my emails very quickly and was helpful. Her feedback was useful and she made it very clear what I did well or what I was missing. She was also very good at speaking to the class one on one, her discussion responses were personalized and she displayed a genuine interest in what we were saying.

Dr. Arini was great. She engaged with the class and had helpful information to share in every module.

The instructor provided positive feedback about my assignments; she even offered me websites and valuable information to help me improve in my area of focus, and on what I was lacking.

The instructor was heavily involved with the students and made sure to respond to any and all inquiries I had.

The instructor is willing to work with students and help them do well in the class.

The instructor responded to the discussion posts in a way that brought insight to the whole class, not just the individual poster. She also provided us with suggestions of how to take our learning to the next level and how to continue what we have learned after the course has ended.

The instructor assisted me with information about where I could publish my work. The instructor was very supportive of both my work and the thought that went into it, and I found her attitude to be exceptionally helpful and kind. I am very appreciative of the inferences she made toward the more dynamic parts of my assignments.

The feedback and encouragement she gave was very helpful. Solid suggestions were given on how to improve the work.

I really enjoyed this course, and want to thank you for all the valuable feedback you have given me.

I saw your suggestions for tailoring my piece to fit a target audience of where I’d like to have it published. Thank you again for your wisdom and helpful feedback.

The instructor was good at following up, good at listing requirements and at making helpful and constructive suggestions.



Feedback from Mesa Community College’s online students in Creative Nonfiction 180–Fall 2014-2015

“I want to thank my teacher, Dr. Arini, for all the time she dedicates to teaching. She’s one of the, if not the best, teacher that I’ve ever had. I am amazed at how personable she is, in her comments and her guidance, she truly cares about her students and wants them to succeed. I know I’m a much better writer after taking her class. I loved this class and it saddens me that it’s over. She made the class fun and interesting. I have and will continue to tell others about Dr. Arini and her impact that she has had on me through this class. I recommend others visit her site:  MarianneArini.com.”

“I thought this was a great class. I learned more about writing in different genres of CN.  I liked the book you used for the class, but I especially like the idea of classmates critiquing each other’s work. I think you are a wonderful instructor and enjoyed this class. I especially appreciated the pace of this class.”

“One of the things that I have discovered since I started attending MCC is how much the general attitude of the instructor affects me as a student and the overall effect of the class has on me as a person. Instructors like you who seem to be more interested in teaching people new things, helping them grow and treating students like me with decency and understanding are so much better than those who do it for a paycheck. Believe me, I’m learning the difference. Thank you Dr. Arini.”

“First and foremost, I will say thank you. Your class offering gave me the ability to reclaim and take ownership of my life, and the strength (and deadlines) to meet expectations. To me, this class was a gift. It was far less terrifying than I made it out to be.  I appreciate you, your time, your coaching, and I appreciate the work you put into and the feedback you offer to each and every one of your students.  Perhaps one day I can express to you the measure of immense gratitude I have toward having the opportunity to take your class.This class was so necessary for me to start writing again.”

Feedback from Coconino Community College Students in English 272, Creative Nonfiction, regarding Dr. Arini—Spring 2013

“Thanks for being who you are and doing the work you do! I absolutely adored this class. Your dedication and love for writing really shows in how you teach and edit others writing pieces. I truly wish there were more teachers like you. Teachers who not only love what they do, but who also have a feminist politics that they practice in their everyday life. I came into this class feeling like a horrible writer and compared myself to the greats. I still think I have a long way to go in my writing journey, but you have given me a great gift, I now believe in myself as a writer. I have a confidence in my writing that I did not have before this class.  I really enjoyed this class. I was amazed at the time you took to edit my pieces; thank you so much! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much I enjoyed this class. I loved it.  This class was invaluable, and one of the only positive things about coming up here, so thanks for that. The course, while not necessarily the genre I see myself fitting into, has taught me so much about the writing process, and I have no doubt that I will be able to use what I have learned about creative nonfiction, particularly in description, in other works throughout my life. I also very much cherish having you as an instructor, not only for your knowledge and passion about writing, but I do believe I can safely say that we have become friends.  Thanks for teaching this class and for being so open-minded to your students. You’re one of the best instructors I have had.”


“This was certainly a fun class.  Honestly, I had completely different expectations coming into this class but I’m happy with how it turned out.  I really enjoyed the fact that the class was a “hybrid” class.  That really helped with flexibility.  Also, it was just fun in general!  The students were (for the most part) always happy and willing to speak, volunteer their kind thoughts and critiques.  There was never an issue with harsh, unnecessary criticism which I thought for sure would come to light at least once.  At least, that was my experience in the past.  I feel like this class was on a higher level all together.  The students, the materials, the work load, and the teacher.

You really showed an interest for one-on-one conferences and help with any assignment.  That was the most comforting part of this class: to have an instructor really strive to be there for each individual student.  Your feedback was something I always looked forward to.  It wasn’t a, “Good Job!” or “Nice Work!”  You had things to say, questions, stories that were related to whatever you read.  I was comforted by that fact because I knew you actually read the piece, and it interested you on some level.

The Google Site project wasn’t as difficult as I thought it may be.  However, the hardest part was the beginning; making the site itself.  The layout is something I am still trying to figure out, haha.  I can only hope I have it sorted and working by the time I submit this assignment.  On that note, it was very cool to see a collaboration of all my works this semester in one place.  It was reminiscent and I really enjoyed the opportunities the past assignments have given me.  I appreciate you as an instructor and every ounce of help you’ve given in hopes of helping each student truly see their full potential in their own minds.  Thank you for everything!”


“I loved the class, it was a good experience to try out a hybrid schedule. Although it was a bit confusing at first to get the computer part all good and gravy, but I got use to it. Blogging was fun and I really liked it, where I could let a little of my life out and feel happy that someone reads them. In a way it makes me want to come out of my shell a little more. Being in this class has relieved my stress and pain from my past, which I never thought would ever go away it seems. Putting my story down on paper has given me hope that I can come out of my depression state, so far it has helped me through a lot of things like memory. I thank you Marianne Arini for having me in your class, it has been an honor to be a student of yours and learn from you like you did with everyone.”


“I learned a lot from this class. I now really enjoy the Creative Nonfiction style of writing and have purchased a few books in the style. I took the class on a whim because it sounded interesting I had no idea how much I would truly get out of the experience. You are a great teacher; I’m really glad I had the opportunity to know you.”


What one student had to say about the Final Google Site project:  “Dr. Marianne Arini was excellent, and I would recommend her class to anyone. I thought that the Google Site final project was a lot of fun.  It wasn’t too hard, or too easy.  It wasn’t hard because we didn’t have to write some 10 page essay.  It wasn’t easy because it still took time and effort to put our creative thought to the challenge.  I think it https://sites.google.com/site/fromexperiencetopaper/home/where-does-it-all-come-from/hug-o-war-shel.jpg?attredirects=0is a really good idea to give the students, the potetntial writers, a challenge of creating their own professional online portfolio they can work with after the semester is finished.

What I really loved about the google site project was the fact that it can be so personal.  I like being able to share a piece of myself with others, and I think it really does good for a person to show others who they really are. There are things I wish I could have gotten done for this project, but I ran out of time due to a heavy schedule.  If I could, I would add my own drawings to my creative nonfiction pieces, but perhaps I will in the future.  I do also wish I could have customized the sites look and feel to make it look more like a professional illustrator’s site, but, alas, I will have to do that in the future as well.

As for the class, I thought it was really well laid out.  The blogs were really neat because they gave us the opportunity to keep in writing practice.  I like the fact that the class was so laid back and encouraging to the students.  The work schedule is perfect!  I have taken an English 102 class that I didn’t like as much because the teacher crammed so much extra material in.  This class had just the right amount of projects in it, and I feel that the student peer review was an excellent idea.  I have never known that it could be so much help to talk to other writers, and this class shown me that clear as day.  I don’t think I would really change anything about the class if I had a say in it.  Thank you for the wonderful class!”

Student comments and feedback taken from anonymous evaluations at Coconino Community College – English 272 Creative Nonfiction, Spring 2012:

“I loved that I was forced to work hard, that an unspoken standard was set and that genuine feedback and time was allotted to me. I love that once unseen doors are now visible and open. I learned that structure and doctrine don’t necessarily breed creativity, that muses draw from more than your past, and that any hardship can be overcome with writing. Dr. Arini has a very alluring teaching strategy; she was captivating. Her interaction with students was genuine and deeply interactive. When you talk to her, it’s like nobody else is in the room. I would recommend this course to anyone with work ethic and intelligible writing skills…but only to those people because I have way too much respect for the teacher to send anyone else her way.”


“I liked everything–Everything–Everything. I disliked that class was only an hour and fifteen minutes. I really enjoyed my classmates. I think it was all that writing we had to do and because we shared our work and tried to be supportive of others, we became close and cozy rather than distant and competitive. Dr. Arini had a lot to do with the growth in that direction. She had a technique that I can’t describe…she led by example, and we were all puppies tumbling about her feet. She really knew how to get our best!! Her teaching style totally worked for me. I understood her perfectly. I felt like I was in her head. She was kind, supportive, and always encouraging. I would recommend this course to friends only if they wanted to write–really write. She had a gift; she’s a real warrior dragging these kids into the light of the beginnings of self-realization….and in Arizona…WOW!!”


“I liked that the papers allowed me to really access my creative side. I wasn’t bogged down by a lot of restrictions; I was able to really let my ideas flow. I thought the lack of restriction fit Creative Nonfiction perfectly! I learned to keep a daily journal. If it doesn’t help with your writing, it will at least allow you a few minutes of down time to yourself. Dr. Arini was very helpful and encouraging to her students. Criticism was always helpful and constructive. I would absolutely recommend this course and the instructor! This class is different from any other English course I’ve taken. Dr. Arini is one of the few professors who truly cares about the success of her students.”


“I learned how to be more descriptive in my writing and to tap into resources I didn’t know I had. I learned to believe in myself and write from the heart. Dr. Arini was always caring, understanding and extremely helpful. I highly recommend this course to everyone because she knows her stuff and does a great job teaching it.”


“I really liked writing and getting feedback. It was a great class and an awesome teacher! She was always attentive, positive, and willing to give input. I recommend this course because it was a very positive experience, and I wish I could take another class with her as my teacher.”

“I like the feedback and peer-reviews. The honesty allowed me to grow as a writer. Dr. Arini was very attentive and helpful. These are very important traits that more professors should have. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to grow as a writer or see if they want to be a writer. I learned/achieved both.”


“I loved it all! Dr. Arini interacted with students as a professional and a peer without judgments and gave genuine encouragement. I’d take the class again for fun.”


“With Dr. Arini as instructor, the course is great. If anyone else taught the class, I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Student comments and feedback taken from anonymous evaluations at Coconino Community College – English 101,  Spring 2012:

“Thanks a million for a lot of things! Thank you for teaching me about grammar and creative nonfiction. Thanks for teaching me how to write a good research paper as well. Thank you very much for teaching me about Truman Capote. I actually saw the ‘Capote’ movie, and I would like to read “In Cold Blood” one of these days. I could go on and on about the things I would thank you for, but I have to stop somewhere…I don’t think I’ve ever comprehended so much material in all of my school days. To tell you the truth, I’ve learned more about English and writing in your class than I have in all of my English classes in middle and high school put together! You not only teach, but you listen to us and take in every word and bit of information as you can. I can tell by the look on your face that you absolutely love what you do as a teacher, and I appreciate that very much! You’ve taught us how to think instead of what to think and that is true education. You’ve also taught us to embrace the world around us and to discover new depths. You’re helping us find ourselves! Everything you’ve taught us just outranks any advanced placement class I’ve ever taken! In conclusion, I really enjoyed your class, it was my favorite out of all the seven that I’ve taken this semester. In the event that I don’t have you for College Composition II, I have to say that this class really did blow my mind! It’s also changed me as a person, and it’s taught me that there’s so much more to learn, I am more than what people say I am, and I can go beyond the boundaries of public education. I can create and do amazing things. CARPE DIEM!”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for being my teacher this last semester. I cannot tell you how much I feel I have improved as a writer because of you. I now I have confidence in the words I place on a page. You made me feel like what I had to say was good and worth reading and I thank you so much for that. You are such a wonderful and beautiful person inside and out and I feel it is a blessing to have had you as a teacher.”

“Thank you, Dr. Arini, for imparting your knowledge to us, allowing us to incorporate our creativity, and for being so flexible and understanding while still being firm. More than any other teacher we have had, you have helped everyone in the class grow as writers and people. It is plainly evident that you care about us as individuals and wish to help us all achieve success.”

“Dear Dr. Arini, Thank you very much for being such a wonderful teacher. I have learned more in your class than I have in any English class in the past. Before I took this class, I struggled a lot in English, and I also almost hated reading or writing essays. Now, English isn’t very strugglesome for me, and I love writing essays. You gave me a new perspective about English, and I cannot thank you enough. You are the BEST teacher I have ever had. I truly hope I have you again as one of my instructors.”

“Thank you for being a great and one of the best teachers I have ever had! I look forward to working with you on the new LGBTQ newsletter. Thank you again for being a great person and friend.”

“We would like to thank you for a year of learning. We know more than we ever did before on how to edit and correct our work. In all honesty, you are one of the best teachers we have had. We wish that we could have you again as a teacher in the near future. Thank you for everything that you have done. We really enjoyed the class, and we will apply the knowledge that we have gained from your course to all future classes and jobs.”

“Thank you for bringing such passion for writing to the class, it is contagious.”

Student comments taken from anonymous evaluations at Mesa Community College, 2008:

“I love knowing that I’m learning from a Doctor and relieved to have her reading over my papers and giving me feedback.”

“Dr. Arini took time for each student. She was thorough about explaining anything there may have been a question about. It was apparent that she genuinely cares about the students.”

“Marianne Arini was my favorite teacher this semester. She was very helpful with my papers and is a great person.”

“Dr. Arini, I love how you are available outside of class time and how you respond to our emails right away.”

“Marianne Arini made my English class enjoyable. She gave us freedom to express ourselves and to write about what we were passionate about.”

“Dr. Arini has been excellent in providing help to her students. She is very thorough in her explanation of things and has been motivational to me personally. It is obvious that she enjoys her job, and she does it very well. She made research papers less horrifying.”

“I really liked that Dr. Arini was very accommodating to my needs as a working student.”

“My favorite thing about this course was the one-on-one time. It was really helpful in helping me write my paper and understand everything. The pace was perfect and allowed the students more time to perfect their papers.”

“I liked that we were given the freedom to write about what interest us. I felt free to express myself, and I was always given encouragement.”

“This course has helped me to understand and improve upon the more technical aspects of writing.”

“Dr. Arini is a good teacher. She knows what she is talking about, is a nice person, and easy to talk to.”

“Dr. Arini is very good at one on one with students. She is helpful and wants you to get a good grade. She shows respect and people respect her. She’s really open-minded.”

“I can tell that Dr. Arini takes her job very seriously, and that she really wants her students to succeed.”

“Dr. Arini has excellent teacher/student skills. The one-on-one student conferences were very helpful. I made me feel more comfortable in class.”

“I still may not be the best at grammar, but at least now I know when I’m making a mistake.”

Some comments from a Faculty observation at Mesa Community College:

“The students were at ease and very comfortable. Marianne sought opportunities to assist students with their work. It’s easy to see her concern for students and her love of teaching. She has clear organization and respect for students. The activity in the classroom is clearly defined and innovative. She is approachable and knowledgeable.”


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