About Dr. Arini and Higher Vibration Spiritual Counseling

Dr. Arini in Sedona imageHaving someone to listen, to observe your spiritual strengths, and to encourage you is the ultimate empowerment!~ Dr. Arini


Dr. Arini has a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies which purposefully included a wide array of courses in:

  1. PTSD and recovery from Post-traumatic Spiritual Disorder (Religious Trauma Syndrome)

  2. Religious fundamentalisms

  3. Writing to Heal

  4. Eastern and Western religions

  5. Psychology and Literature/Mythology with emphasis on the works of psychologist Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell

  6. Metaphysics

  7. Transpersonal Psychology

She has been offering spiritual counsel and teaching writing to heal for twenty years.  She is certified in Kundalini yoga, teaches meditation, and is knowledgeable in most branches of metaphysics and various types of New Age thinking. She has been helping people with Post-traumatic Spiritual Disorder for many years and her dissertation deconstructing Christian Fundamentalism has helped many on their journey out of Religious Fundamentalism.  She has also studied the Tarot and its symbolism reflecting the spiritual journey.  She teaches Kundalini yoga to those who want to accelerate their spiritual journey and/or heal their sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system after adrenal fatigue. She has an INFJ personality type, and people feel extremely comfortable opening up to her and very supported by her.

She can work with you in-person, by phone, or by Zoom.

Cost is $80-$125 per hour. Discount for booking two hours or more $70 per hour.

One half-hour free getting-to-know-you consultation.

Credit card, Venmo, and cash accepted.

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